The ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it clean

Automatic Stations

The ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it clean

For the ultimate in maintenance-free cleaning, upgrade your DEEBOT with an Auto-Empty station. A robot that operates on its own and then empties itself takes this home helper into the future: automatic cleaning with none of today’s hassle.

Auto-Empty Station: No need to empty for months

With up to 3.2 L capacity, the large storage bin holds months’ worth of dust, debris and pet hair. This smart robot team “takes out the trash” while you live your life.

Auto-Cleaning Station: Your grime-fighting partner

After DEEBOT does the work, the Turbo Station preps it to go in for another round. While one bucket supplies water to clean the mopping pad, another collects waste water, avoiding contamination. The cleaning tank is designed to clean the mopping pad with a hand-wash effect, intermittently washing and spin-drying to maximize cleaning while reducing water use. Then hot air dries the mop very quickly to prevent bacteria and odor. The station maintains your DEEBOT—and itself.

OMNI Station: Cleans maintenance off your calendar

Looking for a completely hands-free experience? Our most advanced maintenance station, the OMNI is thoughtfully designed to automatically perform four key maintenance tasks—it empties the dust bin, cleans the mop heads, dries them, and refills the water tank—all in one compact unit. High-tech systems keep dust locked inside during auto-empty. 1.21kPa large suction power neatly clears out the smallest particles, ensuring no dust leaks out. Enjoy the ultimate in cleaning convenience.

Hypo-Allergenic Bags: Keep dust on lockdown

Say goodbye to the clouds of dust that rise every time you empty your upright vacuum. DEEBOT is hygienic at every step of the process, using a hypo-allergenic bag that locks in particles for easy and dust-free disposal. When it’s time for a new bag, an alert will let you know.

Charging station: Your DEEBOT is always ready for action

With an Auto-Empty station, there’s no need for a separate charger. When your robot empties itself after a cleaning, it docks and recharges all in the same place. DEEBOT will be empty and ready to take on the next day’s messes.

We also have the Auto-Empty Station where our DEEBOT disposes its contents after every use, so we don’t have to.

We can’t say enough good things about this vacuum and encourage you to make it your next new addition.”

- @leothecream