Friendly, intuitive robots. 

Even the most advanced technology collects dust if operating it feels overwhelming. With a simplified app and intuitive interface, DEEBOTs collect dust in the best possible way. They're incredibly easy to use, giving you effortless control over every feature.

Cleaning control in the palm of your hand

DEEBOTs connect to the ECOVACS app, unlocking a range of powerful tools. Easily set up cleaning schedules—then DEEBOT will get to work whenever it's convenient for you. Create virtual boundaries, establish no-mop zones and partition rooms so you can customize settings around your household's needs. And later this year, new DEEBOTs will be able to generate 3D maps of your home, adding an entirely new dimension to floor cleaning.

Keeps an eye on home, even while you’re away

Advanced DEEBOTS such as the T8 AIVI work double-duty as a home monitoring camera. Using the stored map, you can easily direct your DEEBOT to a specific room or location. Or activate patrol mode to get 360-degree views of every room in your house. New DEEBOTs coming later this year will feature 2-way communication, so you can easily check in on a pet or family member. Along with DEEBOT’s encryption technology and multiple authentications, you can rest easy knowing your home, and your privacy, are safe and secure.

Ready to work…just say the word

Coming later this year…YIKO, the industry’s first natural language for home service robots. With AI voice interaction technologies, including voice semantics from Google, you can control your DEEBOT with the power of your voice. Ask DEEBOT to modify settings, check on status or clean a specific room. With sound localization, DEEBOT can even clean in the location of your voice. More obedient than most pets—and much better at keeping floors clean.

There are quite a few of these hybrid models out there, but the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI is one of the better options...

... with the ability to detect (and remember) obstacles, map your home and even monitor your home with its camera.”

- NBC News