Upgrade your cleaning power.

Powerful performance for a clean you can count on.

Stubborn pet hair and dust bunnies be warned—DEEBOT N series is coming for you. This advanced vacuum and mop system lifts dirt, hair, and allergens from every corner of your home whether you have carpet, hard floors or both. DEEBOT runs longer and stronger to clean up after your lovable mess makers no matter what they’ve gotten into. And it works smarter thanks to the same cutting-edge mapping and navigation technology used by self-driving cars. DEEBOT N series—innovation that makes your life easier.

Makes a game plan for a superior clean.

Advanced mapping technology is the key to a truly thorough clean. Unlike robots that wander randomly around your rooms, TrueMapping navigation creates a detailed plan for your home using the same tech found in self-driving cars. That means a faster, more efficient, more thorough clean. Every time. It can even do its job in the dark. Say good night to messy floors.


Serious power for a deep-down clean.

With a maximum suction power of 4300Pa —more than 3x the strength of most standard robot vacuums—DEEBOT is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck in floor crevices and carpet. And it gets the job done quickly and quietly thanks to its updated fan motor design.

OZMO™ Mopping System: Knows the clean you need.

Unlike the messy drip system of other mopping robots, OZMO™ Mopping System uses a precision micro water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting your floors. OZMO™ Mopping offers four levels of water flow that you can adjust to fit your needs. DEEBOTs detect and avoids carpet when mopping hard floors so you don’t have to supervise it.


Empties itself so it’s always ready to roll.

With up to 3.2 L capacity, the large storage bin holds months’ worth of dust, debris and pet hair, all in a new compact design. This smart robot team “takes out the trash” while you live your life.

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