A smarter kind of clean.

Smart, efficient cleaning with a fresh attitude.

Your mess is no match for DEEBOT T Series. These advanced vacuum and mop systems use cutting-edge mapping and object detection to clean every inch of your home without disturbing kids, pets, or precious belongings. No matter which family member or furbaby creates the clutter, DEEBOT will clean it up quickly and quietly. It will even get the job done in the dark while you sleep and wake you with the scent of freshly-cleaned floors. Rest easy knowing that you’re getting a superior clean.

Stays on task, no babysitting required.

T10 Plus knows the difference between a dust bunny and your pet bunny. It identifies objects with 10x the accuracy of traditional infrared, so you don’t need to pick up before it gets down to business. This advanced system is intelligent enough to navigate anything in its path, cleaning what needs to be cleaned and steering clear of entanglements.


OZMO™ Mopping: Works hard so you don’t have to.

Scrub away stubborn messes like muddy paw prints or sticky kid spills with OZMO™ Pro 3.0 mopping power. With full reciprocating vibration at a frequency of up to 450 times per minute, no mess stands a chance.


Makes a game plan for a superior clean.

Advanced mapping technology is the key to a truly thorough clean. Unlike robots that wander randomly around your rooms, TrueMapping navigation creates a detailed plan for your home using the same tech found in self-driving cars. That means a faster, more efficient, more thorough clean. Every time. Our new 3D map gives you a clearer picture of your entire home, detecting real-time changes as it cleans.


Empties itself so it’s always ready to roll.

With up to 3.2 L capacity, the large storage bin holds months’ worth of dust, debris and pet hair, all in a new compact design. This smart robot team “takes out the trash” while you live your life.

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Gives your home that just-cleaned freshness.

DEEBOT’S T series contains an industry-first air freshener that leaves your home smelling as clean as it looks. The built-in freshening technology infuses your home with a delicate, luxurious fragrance so you can relax and enjoy that just-cleaned feeling.