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In my not-so-humble opinion...

...the Ecovacs DEEBOT series of robot vacuums are at the top of the heap of these robotic servants.”

- The Gadgeteer

Robot Vacuums

This vacuum has really great navigation capabilities.

You can set it to clean just a certain area. You can set no go zones if you don't want it to go into certain areas so it's really customizable.”

- But First, Coffee

Robot Vacuums

I'm more than a little bit impressed.

It's packed with all the features I want in a high-end robot vacuum, including some new tech. Like it's obstacle avoidance sensors that I think are a game changer.”

- Vacuum Wars

Robot Vacuums

The Deebot (T8) absolutely destroys the Roomba (690) by pretty much every metric.

It's faster, quieter, more efficient, and even mops while it vacuums.”

- C. Scott Brown, Android Authority

We also have the Auto-Empty Station where our DEEBOT disposes its contents after every use, so we don't have to.

We can't say enough good things about this vacuum and encourage you to make it your next new addition.”

- @leothecream


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