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Introducing the most advanced home cleaning machines ever created

Enjoy the luxury of constantly spotless floors without lifting a finger. The DEEBOT X1 Family is ready to free you from mopping and vacuuming forever. Intuitive voice commands make it so simple, all you have to do is ask. The system even empties its own dustbin and refills the internal mopping tank with fresh water. Multiple smart sensors detect objects to avoid interruptions, and the sleek Jacob Jensen design makes your home look great even between cleanings.

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Ready to work… just say the word

Introducing YIKO, the industry’s first natural language for home service robots. With AI voice interaction technologies, including voice semantics from Google, you can control your DEEBOT with the power of your voice. Ask DEEBOT to modify settings, check on status or clean a specific room. With sound localization, DEEBOT can even clean in the location of your voice. More obedient than most pets—and much better at keeping floors clean.


Clean floors require a game plan

Robots with rudimentary mapping abilities bounce blindly around a room, running into furniture and missing entire areas. TrueMapping navigation makes DEEBOT X1 different. After creating a precise map of your space, DEEBOT X1 is ready to plot an efficient path for a thorough clean. And our realistic new 3D map better illustrates your home, also detecting real-time changes in the environment as it cleans.


A robot that doesn’t require babysitting

When your robot can identify anything from bulky boots to thin headphone cables, you don’t have to pick up before it gets to work. With advanced recognition capabilities, DEEBOT X1 can “decide” how to navigate various objects—like cleaning under a chair that’s been moved, while steering clear of a sleeping pet.

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Months of clean floors without a second thought

How to improve on a robot this smart and hard-working? Design a way for it to empty itself. With multiple emptying station options, you can choose the perfect one for your home. From mostly carpeted areas to all hardwoods, there’s an auto cleaning, auto water refilling, auto dust emptying option for you. While other robots are filled to capacity and waiting for attention, DEEBOT X1 is still taking care of business.

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